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A Haiku: Rest

In the midst of pain
In the midst of confusion
I will rest in You

Kissing the Heavens

to soar with the angels
a viewpoint from on high
the magnificent glory
i see all with my eye
mountain tops and valleys low
kissing the heavens
and reaching below
into the depths of the sea
and across the galaxies sky
oh, to soar with the angels
never to say goodbye

A Haiku: Being

Live in this moment
Enjoy the wonder and awe
Get lost in being

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About Angel

Hi, I'm a wanderlust explorer who enjoys expressing myself through creative words and photo+graphic arts.

My philosophy

for experiencing the most out of life

  • to ponder, to reflect, to question... to push and pull, to ebb and flow... to think outside, inside and around the box... to live unlimited, to just be... an abstract life beckons me.
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